Dear Valued Customers,

The time has come for me to step away from Serendipity. It has been a year since my ‘kids’ moved on to other careers and I’m ready to move forward myself. So, it is with a full heart and fond memories that we announce the closing of our beloved family coffee shop. Since 2018, it has been our absolute joy to serve this community, sharing countless cups of coffee and memories.

Our journey has been filled with warm conversations, shared laughter, and the privilege of being a part of your daily lives. Each espresso poured and pastry served was done with love and gratitude for your support.

As we prepare to close our doors for the last time on Saturday, December 2, we invite you to join us for a final cup of coffee. This is not just a goodbye, but a heartfelt thank you for being the heart of our coffee shop. We will be open all week, during our regular hours; watch for specials on our social media!

We are forever grateful for the friends we’ve made and the community we’ve built together. Your support has meant the world to our family and the memories we’ve created here will always be cherished. Remember, to drink, eat, and shop local. There is so much work that goes into owning and running a business, but isn’t noticed in the daily happenings. Be kind to the local shops around you and support them as much as possible. We truly hope someone comes to Linn and opens another fantastic specialty coffee shop!

With love and appreciation, Lori
Isabel, Gemma and Benjamin, & Rebekah
Shane (web) and Dom (graphics)